Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A picture tells a thousand words

This week's shared topic at Blog Azeroth was started by Nenunial with a fabulous pic of a draining draenei. A picture tells a thousand words.

I probably have a thousand pictures that tell a single word: 'lol' (does it count as a word?). I never think to capture the pretty moments, or those that shaped my WoW experience. I do however have quite a few goofy ones.

A picture of a thousand pets:

In TBC there was a bug (not game breaking but I won't explain it just in case it was naughty of us to do this) where you could repeatedly summon a non-combat pet. We took my friend's army of companions for a joyride around Outlands to gank unsuspecting alliance for the lols. (look we found one!)

Don't laugh at my name, I thought it was appropriate for a female cow even if it did make for awkward vent conversations (you could literally hear girlfriends in the background demanding to know who their partners kept calling "honey").

Speaking of exploiting bugs (not that I'm encouraging it), the following provided a lot of giggles in Shattrath. I ended up with half the town following me wanting to know how I did this.

A friend asked me to make a level 1 character on his server to show off his paladin. He was very happy to see me.

Ran into this poor dwarf on my level 8 rogue. He'd been there for a while.


  1. Haha! Loooove all these pictures! They do indeed tell the word 'lol'.

  2. A Tree on a Kodo, I lol'd there :p nice shots!

  3. What's interesting is the tree just kind of stands on top of the kodo but the moonkin is properly mounted, hence a model exists which suggests that perhaps it was originally intended for druids to ride in forms.

  4. Awesome pictures!

    The height of a male human compared to a female draenei has struck me too. One does wonder it if was intentional...

    Love the billion pets one!

  5. The Moonkin on the flying mount looks so wrong. You can just image the poor wyvern being crushed by the weight of all those feathers.

  6. @Saga that same human sent me pictures of draenei soft porn (somehow he thought this would make me want to switch to alliance). I think I was incredibly naive because I never knew stuff like that existed. Now I know why all the guys think draenei are so hot.

    @Erinys My druid has a bear mount. I really should try and get a shot of a bear riding a bear for the ultimate wrongness.

  7. Haha love the shot of the tree on the kodo. Wish I could stay in tree on my mounts (or at least on my bike like in Ulduar).
    The shot with the dwarf is great - his name is delightfully ironic.

  8. Yep. There's a line in Reality Bites "I can't really define irony but I know it when I see it".

  9. Haha, these are great! :3

    I like all those little pets. And the tree on a kodo. XD

    Also, I bet our Raid Lead's gf would be one of those going 'WHO ARE YOU CALLING HONEY'. That must've been lots of fun. XD

  10. The moonkin and tree on the mounts! Amazing. :D