Friday, July 16, 2010

Shaman, heal

This is a short conversation that took place in Azjol-Nerub. This is the instance with the spiders where group members are targeted and encased in a giant web. To free them, you just attack the web.

me: webbed
group no response, randomly attack everything except the skirmishers
healer dies
me: webbed!
mage: shaman, heal
me: webbed, pally heal
pally (dying) no response, busy attacking
mage: he can't heal, he's ret
mage: ret pallies don't have the mana pool to heal, are you new or something?
me: no, I'm webbed
group wipes, I ankh and resurrect everyone
group: why didn't you heal?! *grumble* *mumble*
mage: ew, we can't kick him for another 9 minutes

Note: I give them too much credit for grammar.

I should add, I'm elemental spec with a resto off-spec and  will switch to heals on the inevitable occasions a group loses a healer. I intentionally suffer longer queue times for DPS in order to play in my chosen style. I still watch health bars and throw heals, especially on the healer if incapacitated or just struggling.  In a case like above where the healer dies, I automatically switch to heals - unless webbed. Cheers.

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