Monday, July 26, 2010


I shift between absolute patience where nothing phases me to being constantly irritated at every little in-game thing. Maybe it's tied to my, um, lunar cycle.

When every little detail irritates me, I want to let off steam - to blow my top at people not buffing, tanks who quit groups mid-pull, ninjah skinners (my pet hate), naked female bank alts afking in town, leeches in battlegrounds, mages who roll on my gear (just kidding), people who don't reply to "does everyone know this fight?" and then wipe the group, idiots in trade chat, tanks who incorrectly blame the healer, healers who incorrectly blame the tank, hunters in general, that drop that just won't (drop), imbeciles, people who think grammar is married to grampa and the flood of "anal" spam on maintenance shut down (prime time for me).

So I started a blog. A blog for rants and qq.

And (in spite of the full moon) I actually feel content right now. What happened to my inner rage? I'm trying to channel it but get distracted by butterflies and rainbows.


  1. I have days like that too. Heck, I think I have weeks like that. I find my patience with inconsiderate people to be dwindling. Sometimes I have to remind myself that they're obviously new - and then it's okay. But then you come across the well-geared asshat that obviously knows better.. and I get so angry.

    I agree with everything on your list, and would like to add; non-tanks that roll on your precious tank gear! If they wanted a piece of tank loot then they could bloody well have done all the work of becoming a tank. If I don't want it - they're free to have it, but I get so angry when they roll Need if I do Need it too.

    I'm the one who bothered getting defense capped, I'm the one who's been making sure they don't get beaten to a pulp when they ninja pull.. and I'm the one who's most likely going to tank the next time too - so don't take my gear! I don't roll need on dps pieces (unless no one else needs it, then obviously I will take it) - and I expect the same courtesy to be repaid in regards to tank gear.

    Sorry, a little rant of my own.. I have that happen to me way too much!

  2. Non-tanks needing is very frustrating, it happens all the time, especially in normal ToC5 for the trinket.

  3. Everyone enjoys a good rant, some of my favourite times are going outside for a cigarette and a good rant with work colleagues. I look forward to reading many of your rants in the future :)

    Actually I'm also easily distracted by butterflies, usually quite deliberately when someone says "ok focus" before the raid has started - because I'm there to chase butterflies, not down bosses clearly :P

  4. Thanks :D the problem I'm having is I don't feel like ranting. It's like I have my tolerance hat on permanently. I don't really want to write about rainbows so I need to get back in touch with my angry side.